We have been working on the following projects;

Salaviinanpolttajat | The Moonshiners

Juho Kuosmanen's latest short film is a remake of Salaviinanpolttajat from 1907, which is described to be the "first Finnish film" ever made.

It has been nominated for the Finnish Oscars / Jussit for Best Short Film . Learn More


Otso was founded in 2010 in Helsinki, Finland by Joni Juutilainen and Marga Doek.

We take on various projects ranging from short films to documentaries and from music videos to animation and video art installations.

In 2012 the company’s Speed of Light music video for Streak and the Raven won an honorable prize at the Oulu Music Video Festival.


Joni Juutilainen

Co-Founder | Cinematographer
For enquiries about equipment hire, contact; joni(at)

Marga Doek

Co-Founder | Filmmaker | Animator

Otto Kylmälä

Writer | Director | Producer