Shapes Form Figures

Lauri Laine is a Finnish painter who is known for his explorations of light and shapes in undefined space. His work has been heavily influenced by Italian Renaissance and Spanish Baroque art, particularly by the painters Francesco de Zurbarán and Diego Velázquez. While Laine works on a painting, we are taken on an evolutionary journey of his repertoire of work, as shapes start to form figures.

This 3.30-minute film is an artistic interpretation of Laine's work and combines video with 2D animation. This film is intended to be screened among the work of Lauri Laine and was first exhibited together in March 2018 at the Galleria Heino in Helsinki, Finland. It has also been screened separately at Film and Animation Festivals throughout Europe.


"This film is a concise interpretation of the important process of change in my work. The film is original and unexpected and is both visually and technically of a high standard. It captures the atmosphere and essence of my work".

-Lauri Laine

Directed and Animated by Marga Doek
Cinematography by Joni Juutilainen
Sound Design by Marga Doek and Toni Teivaala

Heino Collection